Instagram has completely transformed how we look at food and drink. Food used to be used for nothing more than nutritional value and people never cared about how it looked, but Instagram changed that.

People tend to make jokes about it, but it is commonplace for people to document the appearance of whatever they are eating and drinking and post it on their social media. For this reason, there has been an unusual competitive trend of people trying to have the most ‘snap worthy’ meal that will impress their followers and get them likes.

Even if you think the process of documenting your food is silly, there is no denying that people doing this have created a lot of extremely creative dishes. People feel a lot more inspired to make their everyday food items much more creative, which can transform something extremely simple, into something magical.

A trend that you may have noticed recently is the ice whipped cream coffee. This first popped up about a year ago and since then there have been hundreds of interpretations of the dish. If you are someone that has always wanted to recreate a famous Instagram-worthy dish, but you are not a great chef, then this is a great place to start.

Making the famous creamed coffee is very easy, all that you need is a bit of creative flair and a lot of patience. Here is how to master the Instagram famous creamed coffee that is taking the world by storm.

Make Sure You Have Quality Coffee

Your coffee is the main star of the show and so you have to make sure that you are using quality coffee. Using cheap instant coffee will not ruin your coffee, but it will not make it taste as good as it could possibly be.

There is no specific coffee that you have to use, but we recommend that you use a high-quality coffee bean. It is a standard practice to use these high quality beans to make cold brew coffee and with a cold drink, there is little to hide behind and so your tastes need to speak for themselves. The higher the quality of the bean, the higher the quality of the coffee, it is that simple.

If you really want to make your creamed coffee fancy, we recommend that you invest in a flavored coffee. Right now Jaffa Cake flavored coffee is really popular among content creators, so if you are not sure where you start, why not start there?

Pick a Thick Milk

The other important part of your creamed coffee is the milk. If you use thin milk, then you will just be creating a lot of work for yourself. We recommend that you use fatty milk, as fatty milk will be much better for its purpose.

If you are vegan or you do not use dairy products, almond milk will be your best option, as almond milk is often a lot thicker than your other milk alternatives.

Use an Electric Whisk

When making your creamed coffee, you want to mix your coffee with some milk until you have created a thick coffee cream. If you are doing this by hand, then expect to be doing it for a long time. You can expect to whip your coffee by hand for about ten minutes before you get your desired result.

If you are someone that wants to make a quick coffee in the morning, then just save yourself a lot of time by using an electric whisk, as this will make the process take a fraction of the usual time.