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Ways to Make Your Next Date More Entertaining

Ways to Make Your Next Date More Entertaining

If you have been in the dating game for a while now, then you are probably starting to get very bored. At the start, dating was probably very fun and exciting. You had the opportunity to meet new people and even potentially meet the love of your life if you looked in the right place.

However, if you have been on a few dates now, you are probably sick of having to continuously go through the same process. There are only so many times that you can ask someone what their favorite color is and what films they like.

If the boredom and frustration with dating are becoming too much, you may even be considering giving up dating altogether. However, you shouldn’t give up on trying to find the love of your life and there is someone out there for all of us.

Instead of going on the same boring dates that you already have, you should instead try to make it more exciting and mix it up a little.

Here are some ways that you can make your next date more entertaining.

Avoid a Sit Down Meal

When people plan dates, it is usual that they will instantly go for a sit-down meal and presume that is what is expected when you first meet someone. Though this is the standard kind of date, it is not very exciting and it can be quite awkward.

You are forced to sit face to face with someone and you have absolutely no choice but to ask them questions and sit through awkward silences. If you are going to a fancy and quiet restaurant, you can’t exactly speak loud or have a laugh and so it can make it hard to find out what someone’s personality is actually like.

You should avoid the meal and instead go somewhere more exciting. Ask your date, is there something fun you have always wanted to try that you would want to try together. For example, they may want to go on a zip line or even go caving.

Going to exciting locations makes disappointing dates far less disappointing. If you feel as though you don’t have much in common with the person on the date, you have not wasted your time because you have still tried something new and had a fun experience.

Doing something fun together for the first date also gives you a lot more to talk about. It will be easy to break any awkward silences as you can just talk about what you have just experienced and what you thought of it, which will allow the conversation to flow much easier.

Do a Fun Quiz Night

Thanks to the events of the pandemic, a lot of first dates over the last year or so have had to take place online. People found ways to make this more exciting and one of the ways that they have done this is by making date quizzes a new thing.

If you have ever been to a pub quiz, you will know just how exciting and competitive they can get. I would recommend hosting your very own miniature quiz at home and you can use a number of questions and answers to family feud episodes. This will be a great way to have some fun and it will also be a great way to test how they handle losing or the pressure of competitive games.

If they are sore losers, then they are probably not going to be very fun to hang around with. However, if they don’t take the quiz too seriously and they just have a good time, then this is usually an indication that they are a good person to hang out with.

The Insider Secrets to Earning a Michelin Star

If you are or even know someone that owns a restaurant, you will know that one of the main goals of setting up an establishment is earning the coveted Michelin Star. Having a Michelin star is a good indication of the quality of service and food that a restaurant offers and so it is no wonder why so many restaurant owners do all that they can in order to earn one. However, they don’t just hand out Michelin Stars to anyone that asks for them and some restaurant owners don’t even know where to start the earning process. Here are our insider secrets to earning that desired Michelin star that you may be able to implement in your business.


Stand Out

As previously stated, they aren’t just handing out Michelin stars to anyone who desires one. Due to the sheer overpopulation of the restaurant industry, it would be impossible for them to check out every single restaurant that is operating right now and so your business really needs to stand out.  Make sure that you are doing something that nobody in your area is. If your local area is well known Italian food and you are deciding to open an Italian restaurant, you may easily be lost among the crowd. Because of this, you need to find some sort of USP that makes you stand out from the rest, like a signature dish or special cooking technique. Be sure to do some market research and even go eat at some of your competitors so that you can get an idea of what you need to do to stand out.



Receiving a Michelin star demands excellence in several areas, one of these areas being the atmosphere that you offer your customers. You want to make sure that the decor that you have within your restaurant perfectly complements the food that you have on offer. This is something that people are quick to overlook and so miss out on Michelin stars, even when they have excellent food on offer.  The atmosphere doesn’t just apply to the inside of your restaurant, you also have to make sure the area surrounding your restaurant is up to scratch. This may seem a bit overkill, but it really is that much of a strict process. Make sure that the entrance of your restaurant is presentable and clean, but also make sure that other areas- like where you keep your bins, are also clean and tidy. This will not only impress the people deciding whether or not you earn your star, but it will also lead to more positive pest control results in your monthly review as vermin will be less attracted to your restaurant.



Another aspect of your restaurant that is penalized when taking part in the Michelin star process is your service. People aren’t going to want to attend a restaurant that offers poor service and so it is crucial that all of your staff are trained to adhere to the high standards that are kept by other Michelin star restaurants. If you are unsure of how to do this, then it may be worth visiting a restaurant that has already earned a Michelin star as they will be a good example of the right way to interact with customers. If you don’t feel up for the job of training your staff yourself, there are also specialist services available that will do that part for you.


No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you are fully prepared for the process of gaining a star as you won’t have many chances.

Ways to Make Ice Cream Work For You

Ice cream can be defined as a cold sweet food usually eaten as a dessert or a snack. It is made from a mixture of some or all of these food items: milk, cream, butterfat, eggs, sugar, and flavoring.

If you are interested in knowing the best kitchen tools used in making ice cream, visit FoodPlusIce website.

Ice cream has various meanings to different people as it comes in varying types. These types all have sweet tastes but are made of different ingredients

The common types of ice cream are:

  • Gelato: This type of ice cream was created by the Italians. It is made of whole milk, without the addition of cream. There is usually also the absence of eggs and stabilizers. This would result in a thick texture with a low percentage of milk fat.
  • Frozen Yogurt: This is a common and well-loved type of ice cream. It is made using a similar recipe as the traditional ice cream, however with less fat which is replaced by yogurt.
  • Sorbet: This type of ice cream is much lighter in texture and flavor than the others. It is made with no dairy, rather egg whites are used to keep the mixture together.
  • Sherbet: This type of ice cream must not contain above 3% and below 1% of milk fat. It is made with a mixture of milk, egg whites, fruit juice, etc. Read its history here.
  • Ice Cream: This is the traditional type of ice cream most people are accustomed to. Its mixture must contain above 10% milk fat.

It is a known fact that adults and children love ice cream. There is always this caution to eating ice cream as it can increase body fat and blood sugar.

However, ice cream does have some benefits. 

Through the benefits, you can find ways through which ice cream works for you.

1. Health Benefits: While consuming ice cream, be aware of its health benefits. These health benefits include that it provides the body with vitamins such as A, B-6, B-12, C, and D. It also supplies minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Calcium helps to maintain the bones and teeth, as well as reduce the risk of breast cancer. It also produces instant energy. Ice cream helps to boost the immune system because it is made of fermented dairy that protects from different respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.

2. Makes One Happier: Are you aware that the consumption of ice cream can make a person happier? This is because it produces a hormone called serotonin. This Hormone makes us feel happier and less stressed. Ice cream can be made to work for you when you experience low moments.

3. Increases Libido: Ice cream can also be used to improve sexual intimacy between couples. Ice cream contains phosphorus which maintains the level of testosterone and male libido.

4. Maintains Weight: It is often believed that the consumption of ice cream can lead to weight gain. This may be true, especially if it is consumed in excess quantities. However, low – fat ice cream can also be used to control body weight. When you think about food, you take a scoop of low-fat ice cream, and the calcium it contains would do the rest of the work.