If you have been in the dating game for a while now, then you are probably starting to get very bored. At the start, dating was probably very fun and exciting. You had the opportunity to meet new people and even potentially meet the love of your life if you looked in the right place.

However, if you have been on a few dates now, you are probably sick of having to continuously go through the same process. There are only so many times that you can ask someone what their favorite color is and what films they like.

If the boredom and frustration with dating are becoming too much, you may even be considering giving up dating altogether. However, you shouldn’t give up on trying to find the love of your life and there is someone out there for all of us.

Instead of going on the same boring dates that you already have, you should instead try to make it more exciting and mix it up a little.

Here are some ways that you can make your next date more entertaining.

Avoid a Sit Down Meal

When people plan dates, it is usual that they will instantly go for a sit-down meal and presume that is what is expected when you first meet someone. Though this is the standard kind of date, it is not very exciting and it can be quite awkward.

You are forced to sit face to face with someone and you have absolutely no choice but to ask them questions and sit through awkward silences. If you are going to a fancy and quiet restaurant, you can’t exactly speak loud or have a laugh and so it can make it hard to find out what someone’s personality is actually like.

You should avoid the meal and instead go somewhere more exciting. Ask your date, is there something fun you have always wanted to try that you would want to try together. For example, they may want to go on a zip line or even go caving.

Going to exciting locations makes disappointing dates far less disappointing. If you feel as though you don’t have much in common with the person on the date, you have not wasted your time because you have still tried something new and had a fun experience.

Doing something fun together for the first date also gives you a lot more to talk about. It will be easy to break any awkward silences as you can just talk about what you have just experienced and what you thought of it, which will allow the conversation to flow much easier.

Do a Fun Quiz Night

Thanks to the events of the pandemic, a lot of first dates over the last year or so have had to take place online. People found ways to make this more exciting and one of the ways that they have done this is by making date quizzes a new thing.

If you have ever been to a pub quiz, you will know just how exciting and competitive they can get. I would recommend hosting your very own miniature quiz at home and you can use a number of questions and answers to family feud episodes. This will be a great way to have some fun and it will also be a great way to test how they handle losing or the pressure of competitive games.

If they are sore losers, then they are probably not going to be very fun to hang around with. However, if they don’t take the quiz too seriously and they just have a good time, then this is usually an indication that they are a good person to hang out with.