There is a common misconception that dieting can be done by not eating and this really isn’t the case, not only is this method dangerous for your health but it is ineffective as you will find that the weight returns once you start eating again. Rather than resorting to starvation as a way to lose weight, there are many other lifestyle changes you can make to help you lose weight whilst retaining your health and mental state. Losing weight can be very daunting but with a few changes to how you eat you should start to see the weight fall off in no time, it also important to remember the hundreds of weight and health services that are out there to help you if you are unsure or nervous about getting started.


Having a Balanced Diet

Sticking to a balanced diet is easier said than done, with plenty of fad diets and weight loss schemes out there it can be easy to turn to one of the commercial methods without trying to do it yourself first. A balanced diet doesn’t just consist of eating fruits and vegetables which will put a lot of people off trying. Having a balanced diet basically means that unhealthy foods are allowed just in moderation and with a healthy diet plan, the key thing to remember is that the unhealthy foods in your diet should be treated as a reward for sticking to a health plan or even doing exercise. Using tactics such as this in order to help lose weight is much more likely to work than a plan which changes your whole diet. Going from eating on a regular basis to not at all is a totally unsafe way to try and lose weight and has been scientifically proven to have a negative effect on your mental health.



Regular exercise alongside a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways in which you can lose weight without having to sacrifice the foods you love, with a proper workout routine you will find that you can still indulge in treat foods using them as a reward for a milestone you have reached in your diet plan. Exercise may seem daunting to those who are not experienced but it is not all about getting a  gym membership or seeing a personal trainer. Doing exercise can be as little or as much as you see fit with many people choosing to implement daily walks or using home videos to fit in a small amount of exercise into their daily lifestyle.


Exercise should be done alongside a balanced diet in order to see the effects and lose weight quickly, if you were to ensure you did as little as half an hour of exercise a day paired with nutritionally balanced meals you will find that you’ll lose weight in a  safe and controlled way which is much better than trying to starvation. There are many resources available online that detail how to pair foods to lose more weight with a simple daily exercise regime.


Portion Control

There is a significant difference between reducing portions in a controlled manner and not eating at all, portion control is a great way to help lose weight whilst ensuring your body gets all of the nutrients it needs to thrive. For someone who is just getting started in reducing their portion size in order to lose weight, I would recommend that you invest in a calorie counting application, calorie counting apps are available at a very affordable price and are a great way to look at what the recommended serving sizes of your meals are. Using portion control doesn’t mean that you are going to be hungry at dinner time as there are foods of which you can eat as much as you want, it is only really the unhealthier foods that you need to track the portion size off as fruits and vegetables are only going to help you lose the weight. For your daily meals, it would be recommended to limit the amount of high sugar and fat products you consume and replace these with healthier alternatives that will do your body the world of good.