Earning a Michelin star for your restaurant is something that chefs and restaurant owners around the world dream of, as it is a sure sign to capture the attention of the press and many new potential customers. However, only the top restaurants in the industry are awarded one as it is notoriously very hard to receive. It is impossible to know when you will be inspected and assessed by the Michelin restaurant inspectors as they visit anonymously, which is why you always need to have consistent quality of service and be prepared at all times. If you are striving for a Michelin star, then here is some advice to help you get started.


Produce consistently high-quality dishes

In order to earn a Michelin star, you need to be passionate about the food that you serve. This means that every dish on your menu must be perfected, down to the smallest of ingredients and seasonings. The inspector will be considering the chef’s “mastery” of their cooking and dishes, comparing them to other restaurants within the same area and the same food category. Your restaurant must be a standout from those serving similar dishes, in both the taste and quality but also in the options available. If you are specializing in a certain cuisine, such as Italian or French, then you must prove that the dishes you offer on the menu aren’t the exact same as ones you can find at any other restaurant that also specializes in the same cuisine.


Take care of your restaurant

Whilst the most important part of running a Michelin-worthy restaurant is of course the food served, it might also help if you take care of your restaurant. Making sure that it is welcoming, with a nice interior is more likely to make your inspector enjoy themselves. In order to be considered for a Michelin star, you must first get on their “to review” radar, which is done by having many positive reviews written by local blogs and publications. Most people require more than just good food to give a restaurant good reviews, and you can see from restaurants that already have a Michelin star that the appearance and cleanliness of their restaurant isn’t something that they overlook. Michelin star restaurants even have high-quality toilets, and this plumber in Perth did a good job fitting the stunning bathrooms in the restaurant Bon-Bon. So that’s something to bear in mind if you are striving for a Michelin Star, ensure you have the highest quality food, as well as cleanliness and an appealing interior.


Good service

One of the other things that are very important when you are trying to gain a Michelin star for your restaurant is to ensure that every customer receives a high-quality service, from a friendly welcome at the front door to helpful servers. As mentioned before, restaurants must be added to the Michelin “to review” radar in order to be considered for a review for a Michelin star. To do this, you must already have received a number of reviews and articles written by blogs and in publications like magazines and newspapers. However, similarly to the appearance of your restaurant, no one is going to want to leave your restaurant a good review if the customer service is bad and unaccommodating. Make sure that your staff are thoroughly trained and know how to deal with any situation that might occur in an average day, such as a mistake in the order or a difficult customer. Further, as the inspectors often come anonymously, you never know when the customer your staff is talking to is the inspector that you want to impress, which is why this is extremely important.