What a Diet Created by a Personal Trainer Looks Like

What a Diet Created by a Personal Trainer Looks Like

2020 has been the year of lockdowns which has also been the year people have found the time to finally dedicate themselves to their health and fitness. People have been stuck at home and it’s given them so much free time they’ve had the opportunity to get on top of their exercise regime and many people have committed to it thanks to the mental health impacts as well as the physical ones. Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand so lots of people have been putting effort into researching both of these things. When it comes to a healthy diet there are so many different types advocated for and advertised online. Some of the most common diets and diet trends are the keto diet, this is a diet that is high fat and low carbohydrate that forces your body to burn fats instead of burning carbohydrates, this makes your body go into a metabolic state called ketosis and this diet is growing in popularity. Another diet that is growing in popularity is the plant-based/vegan diet.

This means people predominately get their calories from plant-based foods and vegans are usually vegan from a moral standpoint for the animals, but an added positive for them is that it’s one of the healthiest diets there is. This alone can be overwhelming and then additionally trying to figure out what the best type of exercise is, whether strength training or cardio is more suited to you, is also difficult. This is why more people than ever hired a personal trainer to be their online coach or when the lockdown wasn’t in place a personal trainer at the gym, a personal trainer will figure this all out for you.


Diet Created By A Personal Trainer

A diet created by a personal trainer will be completely customized to suit your needs and they’ll have trained for a long time to ensure they can create a diet plan that will work for you. They won’t recommend any diet trends but they instead will base your diet plan on your macronutrients. This is carbohydrates, fat, and protein, it’s necessary to eat these at different ratios depending on what your goals are. If you’re trying to gain weight you need more energy so a higher percentage of your total calories will be carbohydrates, if you’re trying to lose weight then a higher percentage will be protein. A diet created by a personal trainer will also include all of the foods that you love as they don’t recommend restricting as this leads to binging, instead they encourage moderation and the 80/20 rule.



A personal trainer will also provide you with an exercise plan that fits perfectly with your diet plan, if your calories increase on your diet plan they will do so in relation to your exercise plan. This is just as important as the diet plan. What type of exercise your personal trainer will recommend depends on your goals. If you’re wanting to get toned, strong, or build muscle then your personal trainer will recommend weight training, this will include exercises like squats, lunges, hip thrusts, bicep curls, etc. This will focus on progressive overload, every week if you increase your weights it’ll help your muscles to grow. If you’re wanting to increase your cardiovascular endurance or lose weight they’ll likely recommend exercises such as running, cycling, or swimming. Whilst the knowledge that comes with a personal trainer is valuable is can be expensive, if you can’t find a trainer to fit your budget then group personal training is a cost effective alternative to more traditional workout programs.

From Masterchef to Hells Kitchen: The Best Cooking Shows on TV

From Masterchef to Hells Kitchen: The Best Cooking Shows on TV

With 2020 being the year of lockdowns and 2021 starting to look like people will be following more lockdowns this year then many people have started to pick up some new hobbies and learn some skills. Cooking is among one of the most popular new hobbies people have. Most people always wish they are better at cooking than they are, rather than coming home to beans on toast they’d much prefer to make a fantastic dish every evening. With all the extra time people have had because of the lockdowns many people are starting to learn more about cooking.

There are so many cooking tv shows to watch, many cooking shows on TV will actually be like a tutorial and you’ll be able to see how the professionals make your favorite dish, get some great helpful tips and you’ll be able to give it a try yourself afterward. Other cooking TV shows are in the form of a game show where chefs compete under the watchful eye of a professional chef and fight to be the best.

While these shows won’t teach you how to cook they might still give you some inspiration for dishes and you can still see how meals are made and what mistakes not to make. Other cooking shows will just teach you about the history of various food if you’re interested in getting more information about what you’re eating. If after watching some cooking game shows and you want to compete, whilst you won’t be able to go on them there are also many cooking games out there. Some of the most popular cooking games include cooking mama and overcooked, some levels may be difficult so if you get stuck there’s always a level walkthrough to help you out. We’ve made a list of the best cooking shows to cure your boredom and help you to develop your new skill.


Masterchef is a game show-style cooking show. There are 3 different versions of it, you have the amateur version, the professional version and as it gained so much popularity there is also a celebrity Masterchef series. The show starts with 6 chefs competing in their first round, they have to do various challenges like recreating a meal, in a team cook 1 by 1 and complete a meal, etc. They get their food judged by the presenter and the chef who will provide them with helpful critiques on how to improve. It is then up to them as the judges to decide who is eliminated and who will make it through to the next round. This process repeats with 6 more chefs until only the best make it to the final.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a game show-style cooking show. It is one of Gordon Ramsay’s shows and it gained popularity thanks to how brutal his mentoring style is. Fans will know there are many iconic Gordon Ramsay moments throughout the seasons of Hell’s Kitchen. The show has 12 chefs competing and whoever wins gets a job as head chef in one of Ramsay’s restaurants. They are split into the blue and red team, they work in these teams to secure a win. They do challenges and complete dinner service, every week 1 person from the losing team is eliminated.

The Food That Built America

This is a history channel series that has a different topic each episode including the creating of McDonald’s and the rise of Heinz. This is a great show to learn some more background information about where the food you eat originated from.

Earning A Star: How to Run a Michelin Worthy Restaurant

Earning A Star: How to Run a Michelin Worthy Restaurant

Earning a Michelin star for your restaurant is something that chefs and restaurant owners around the world dream of, as it is a sure sign to capture the attention of the press and many new potential customers. However, only the top restaurants in the industry are awarded one as it is notoriously very hard to receive. It is impossible to know when you will be inspected and assessed by the Michelin restaurant inspectors as they visit anonymously, which is why you always need to have consistent quality of service and be prepared at all times. If you are striving for a Michelin star, then here is some advice to help you get started.


Produce consistently high-quality dishes

In order to earn a Michelin star, you need to be passionate about the food that you serve. This means that every dish on your menu must be perfected, down to the smallest of ingredients and seasonings. The inspector will be considering the chef’s “mastery” of their cooking and dishes, comparing them to other restaurants within the same area and the same food category. Your restaurant must be a standout from those serving similar dishes, in both the taste and quality but also in the options available. If you are specializing in a certain cuisine, such as Italian or French, then you must prove that the dishes you offer on the menu aren’t the exact same as ones you can find at any other restaurant that also specializes in the same cuisine.


Take care of your restaurant

Whilst the most important part of running a Michelin-worthy restaurant is of course the food served, it might also help if you take care of your restaurant. Making sure that it is welcoming, with a nice interior is more likely to make your inspector enjoy themselves. In order to be considered for a Michelin star, you must first get on their “to review” radar, which is done by having many positive reviews written by local blogs and publications. Most people require more than just good food to give a restaurant good reviews, and you can see from restaurants that already have a Michelin star that the appearance and cleanliness of their restaurant isn’t something that they overlook. Michelin star restaurants even have high-quality toilets, and this plumber in Perth did a good job fitting the stunning bathrooms in the restaurant Bon-Bon. So that’s something to bear in mind if you are striving for a Michelin Star, ensure you have the highest quality food, as well as cleanliness and an appealing interior.


Good service

One of the other things that are very important when you are trying to gain a Michelin star for your restaurant is to ensure that every customer receives a high-quality service, from a friendly welcome at the front door to helpful servers. As mentioned before, restaurants must be added to the Michelin “to review” radar in order to be considered for a review for a Michelin star. To do this, you must already have received a number of reviews and articles written by blogs and in publications like magazines and newspapers. However, similarly to the appearance of your restaurant, no one is going to want to leave your restaurant a good review if the customer service is bad and unaccommodating. Make sure that your staff are thoroughly trained and know how to deal with any situation that might occur in an average day, such as a mistake in the order or a difficult customer. Further, as the inspectors often come anonymously, you never know when the customer your staff is talking to is the inspector that you want to impress, which is why this is extremely important.