Every Cooking Gadget a BBQ Fiend Needs Right Now!

Finding the right gift for the chef in your life can be very difficult, it is important that you find something they are going to use regularly otherwise what is the point in buying it. Finding the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult and if your friend is interested in barbecuing there are plenty of options available out there.


BBQ Tools

New BBQ tools are a great gift for someone who is just getting started in hosting barbeques as it is something they may not have thought of getting themselves, rather than leaving them to use the random tools they find in the kitchen why not purchase them a high-quality set of tools dedicated just for use on the BBQ. As the grill can get up to a very high temperature you will need to make sure the tools that you buy are heat resistant and that they will last a long time, I’m sure the chef in your life will appreciate this kind of gift and at least it is something that you know they will use regularly.


Home Smoker

Another great gift a BBQ fiend should have would be their own home smoking system, whether you choose to invest in a more expensive electric model or you decide to stick to the more affordable wood burner, a smoker would make for a great gift for someone with an interest in smoking their own food. If you would like to buy your loved one a more versatile gift then you may want to consider purchasing one of the amazing grill brushes, which are currently available on the market, as grill brushes are the perfect accompaniment to smokers. An offset smoker combines the ability to smoke your own meats as well as having a classic grilling function, this would be the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space, or for someone who just getting started in preparing their own smoked meats.


Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is a must-have gift for someone who regularly cooks meat on the grill or BBQ, being able to check the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking allows you to be confident in your cooking as you are able to find out if the meat is cooked or not and have peace of mind that the food is safe for you and your loved ones to eat. If you want to really splash out you could even invest in a digital probe which will provide a specific temperature reading as well as having the ability to change the setting to suit the meat you are testing.


Drum Chimney

One of the biggest issues faced by those who use a coal BBQ would have to be being able to actually light it, all too often do we see people struggling to get the BBQ hot enough so they end up quitting and taking the food inside. This no longer has to be an issue thanks to the drum chimney, this great gift option is a real lifesaver. Simply layer coals, firefighters, and some form of kindling inside the chimney and leave it to burn for around half an hour, the compact metal tube increases the amount of heat generated and lights your coals every time without fail.


Branding Tool

 The final gift on this list would have to be a branding tool, nothing looks better than being able to complete your delicious steak with a personalized message thanks to this amazing gift – a BBQ branding tool. Once you have put together your desired message simply heat up the tool over the hot BBQ tools and then place it onto your meat.

Kentucky Favorites: The Best Recipes from the South!

Kentucky Favorites: The Best Recipes from the South!

There are so many amazing cuisines to choose from around the world, but whether Indian, Mexican or Chinese are your favorite, we know everybody loves traditional southern cuisine. The main components of any traditional southern meal are fried chicken, peas, greens (for example turnip greens), mashed potatoes, cornbread, and a dessert. Southern dishes are fairly easy to cook and aren’t too time-consuming so they’re great for a mid-week dinner. The ingredients required are relatively cheap and extremely tasty so it’s a good dish to serve at dinner parties or any other occasion. If you’re like us and you love a good southern meal but you’re slightly concerned about the health aspects of eating fried food, then keep reading and you’ll find some healthier alternatives, these receipes for air fried chicken wings are a fantastic way to still enjoy some delicious food without ruining your diet.


Fried Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are one of the most popular items from southern cuisine, they’re always a best seller when you eat out but they never seem to taste as good when you make them yourself. We tested lots of recipes for buffalo wings and we found the one that works the best. They’re super easy to make with prep and cook time both only expected to take 15 minutes you can whip up this delicious dish in only a half-hour. There are only 3 steps to this recipe making it a super simple recipe to follow, step 1 is to make a flour and spice mixture and coat the chicken wings in it, then fill your deep fat fryer with oil and set it to 375 degrees F. Fry the wings, making sure they’re completely submerged in the oil for 10 to 15 minutes. After this simply remove them, serve them with your favorite hot sauce, and enjoy.


Air Fried Buffalo Wings

For those who want a healthy alternative to their favorite southern cuisine, you’ll love this recipe. This recipe only requires 5 ingredients making it one of the easiest recipes we’ve seen. You’ll need chicken wings, flour, butter, salt, and hot sauce. Cut your chicken wings to how you prefer them then coat them in flour and salt, then transfer them to your air fryer which should be set to 350 degrees F. Leave them in for around 25 minutes to get really delicious, crunchy chicken wings. Melt the butter and mix it with the hot sauce to pour over your freshly made wings for the perfect healthier version of Buffalo wings.


Fried Buttermilk Chicken

Buttermilk is another highly rated item from southern cuisine. This recipe has 7 steps so there are easier recipes out there, but we think this one is worth making. First, you’ll need to make a sauce by mixing the spices of your choice, egg, and buttermilk, coat your chicken in this and leave in the fridge for 4 hours to marinade. When your chicken is done marinating, mix together in a large bowl flour, cornstarch, and more spices. Now remove your chicken pieces from the fridge, one piece at a time add them to the large bowl and coat them in your new mixture. Remove any excess flour mix from your chicken then fry your chicken for 6 minutes (or until crunchy) then do the same on the other side. This recipe really does give you the tastiest buttermilk chicken.


Air Fried Buttermilk Chicken

To make a healthier version of this amazing meal, follow the first steps as usual but instead of frying your chicken in oil, simply put it in your air fryer and cook for 15 minutes. The great thing about this recipe is you can garnish it with all your favorite extras to really give it a kick.

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Oven Interior

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Oven Interior

We all know how important it is to clean our kitchens after cooking. There can be sauce splashes on counters, crumbs, bacteria from raw meat. A thorough clean makes it all look tidy and ready to use again. But what about our ovens? These are also a regularly used part of our kitchen, but one that often can get overlooked in the cleaning process.


Why is it so important to clean your ovens?

As much as most germs are killed at high temperatures, some can survive these and linger in your oven interior. These germs are then passed on to the other foods you cook in there and will multiply, which could be detrimental to the health of both you and your family. There could also be small bits of food and debris which will continue to cook each time your oven is used, and this could cause a build-up of smoke inside your oven when using it.

Taking the shelves out and regularly wiping them down will help stop the spread of these germs, and you can quite simply clean these in the sink with a bit of elbow grease. But for a build-up of grease, such as what you might see on the door of an oven, an oven cleaner would be the best thing to use for this. If you are regularly cleaning out your oven, however, you may get away without an oven cleaner for a while, but if you do have one dont use oven cleaner on your countertop as this is a highly abrasive formula and could potentially damage them quite badly. Some kitchen cleaners are interchangeable but this isn’t, so be careful when using it!